Like we mentioned in our first post, we really like couple blogs made by actual couples. When we first discovered Tumblr for amateur porn it took us a while to find the really good stuff. Now tumblr and and the collection on our porn for couples-page is pretty much the only porn we watch.

In order to become one of our favourite blogs, they have to match the following criteria:

#1 We wouldn’t mind fucking them
By that we’re not just referring to hot asses and immaculate bodies. We like people with character. People we would’t mind hanging out with—or fucking them ;-)

#2 They have mostly their own content
Tumblr can get overwhelming, so we appreciate the simplicity of blogs that post almost exclusively their own pictures. Sometimes less is more. We also post only our own pictures and videos.

#3 Fun
Snappy answers to stupid questions? Hell yeah. I really enjoyed all the cock-related questions and the funny answers on Fucking like Wildlife. 

So here is our list of couples blogs we really like:

Fucking like Wildlife
Just awesome, nothing more to add. Make sure you read the questions—half of them are about his cock and how big it is. 


Bunny fucks Bear

Great name :-) A very hot couple with high-quality pictures and a thing for beautiful lingerie. 


Bembele Bembele
A very artsy blog with a lot of great pictures. The pictures are borderline professional and could be mistaken with “normal” reblogged porn. But nope, it’s all theirs. 

Schöne Seele
Artsy and personal—very hot. The blog is mostly done by her but there are some nice spanking videos here.


August Chapstick

A very hot couple with artsy, well composed pictures. They also reblog other stuff but I linked to their “us” category that shows just them.

The Tigercubs
The Tigercubs are a London-based couple that shoots porn-grade high-quality photos that look just gorgeous. They are hot and she can sure take one hell of a caning.


The name does really do this blog justice. A very hot amateur couple with really hot tattoos. They gave us the idea to buy a vibrating butt plug for Snake. We’re eternally grateful ;-) 

Snowflake Roasting Service

These two are all about spanking. We have a lot of respect for someone that can take a spanking like that and they are really sweet about it. There is a lot you can learn from them.

The New Couple

A lot of great GIFs and hot pics of her. They do a really good job at capturing those moments that just get you horny instantly.


The Heavenlycouple

They were one of the first that found our blog and were very encouraging. They have a lot of pictures and also have a compilation of other couples blogs.

Insuh technically doesn’t qualify as a couples blog. He is a photographer who manages to get pretty “close” to his models. We can all learn from him—and not just from his photography.


A very hot couple doing basically what we are doing. Be sure to check them out. There is not very much to see of him but she is absolutely gorgeous. 

Sweet Sheets

They seem quite young and do one hell of a job when it comes to photography. Very tasteful, very hot and they just post their own pictures. That’s all we can ask in a blogging couple.

A hot couple with some really awesome black and white photos. They also have a pretty kewl couple blog list with more couples to follow.

A hot and funny couple with some really awesome picture sets of them fucking. They DO accept penis picture submission. So if your dick is not getting enough attention… ;)

These guys are awesome. They tell you about their sexual adventures, threesomes, foursomes and other stuff. Make sure you read their stories. He is a truly talented writer. 

Ballerian and Hooligan
They are a gorgeous couple and are really nice and funny when it comes to answering questions. 

More Blogs
Here are more blogs that are worth visiting. We didn’t include them in the list above for a few reasons: some of them are just getting started and don’t have a whole lot of material yet, and some reblog other content as well. We love ‘em all, but there’s just too much good stuff out there.

Milk & Cookies


Eat more at Home



Our Kinky Desires

Our Private Sex Life

Our Secret Passion


Stickitup4me - mostly anal

We’ll gradually add blogs as we find them. If you have an awesome couples blog that we missed, let us know and maybe you’ll make the list.

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